Planning & consulting

For more than 25 years, artec® Sportgeräte has been known as leading manufacturer of high quality sport equipment and football goals. At our company site in Melle we develop innovative sport equipment and manufacture those in-house. Hereby we guarantee our customers constant technical enhancements at the highest level. Not only are we a manufacturer of sport equipment but we live and love the sport, its dynamic and its connecting power! When it comes to superior and high quality sport equipment, artec® Sportgeräte is the ideal partner for you.

Assembly service

On customer request, the sport equipment will be assembled by us on site, and we offer a yearly inspection and maintenance of the equipment. Our assembly teams are excellently trained and well attuned to each other, and with our own transport fleet we are very flexible in terms of delivery times and therefore swiftly at your service. That means short waiting and delivery times!

Safety & recurring inspections

To enable you to ensure the safe use of your sport facility, we offer you the competent annual general inspection for your outdoor sport facility. Once a year, our certified employees inspect your sport facility as well as the sport equipment according to the respective engineering standards, and issue you an appropriate inspection report.