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Dugout for sports field and stadium

Dugout in top quality
With the dugout nobody sits in the rain – that’s guaranteed! The coach and reserve bench offers the coach and the players a comfortable way to follow the game. The roofed dugout reliably protects against wind and weather! You can get an overview of our dugouts in this article or directly in […]

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Ball stop net / ball stop fence for every purpose

Ball stop net for sports facilities
Advantages of ball stop nets
The use of a ball stop net on sports facilities offers advantages for both players and spectators. Games can be continued even if the shot is missed. The balls do not have to be sought outside the field, but remain inside. This means that the game […]

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Mini soccer goals from artec®

Buy mini soccer goals at a favourable price
Wide range of possible uses
Mini soccer goals are used almost everywhere: Whether in professional training to improve technique, a quick pastime game or even in the private garden – the fully welded mini goals from artec® Sportgeräte can be found everywhere. And not without reason: The extremely stable […]

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Outdoor basketball posts and basketball units

Basketball units from the manufacturer
How do you recognise a good basketball unit?
As manufacturer of high-quality sports equipment artec® offers a wide range of basketball posts and basketball facilities. We have the right outdoor basketball unit or basketball post for every occasion: Whether for professional use, training or school sports, you will always find what you […]

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Long jump facility – Equipment of a sandpit

Equipment of a long jump facility
What is needed for a sandpit?
When equipping a long jump facility, different products are required. Of course, these include the take-off boards for the athletes. Sand traps should also be installed around the jump pit to protect the running track from the sand carried out. The protection of the sandpit […]

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Football goals from A to Z

Facts about football goals 
With this article we would like to set up a small handbook for football goals to give you useful tips and facts about football goals. As a manufacturer we have already experienced a lot with regard to the production and sale of football goals, so that we would like to pass on […]

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Barrier systems for sports grounds directly from the manufacturer

Barrier systems from the manufacturer
for sports grounds and stadiums
High-quality barrier systems for sports grounds are an important quality feature of sports facilities. On the one hand, they provide optic splendour as well as structure and order, on the other hand, they fulfil advertising purposes and a protective function. Therefore, a professional sports ground without high-class […]

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Soccer cages with goals for indoors or outdoors

Soccer cages from artec®
with goals and advertising barrier elements
In our comprehensive assortment our customers will find high-quality soccer cages with goals to be used indoors or outdoors. Our courts provide multiple possibilities of use and are available as weather proof constructions in many different sizes and designs. This means street soccer at its best – […]

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Playing field drainage and skirting of sports grounds

Drainage of playing fields and
skirting of sports grounds
The professional drainage of sports grounds as well as a high-quality skirting of sports facilities are important issues to be considered when it comes to newbuildings and/or retrofitting of sports, playing and recreational facilities. To provide the athletes with the best possible conditions for training or competitions, the […]

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Soccercourts artec De Luxe with glass barrier elements

High-quality soccercourts
artec De Luxe to be delivered 3 times to Frankfurt

Once again, our soccercourts artec De Luxe with transparent glass in the barrier system are sent to Frankfurt. We have been commissioned with two new orders to deliver three further soccercourts artec De Luxe to Frankfurt. On this background we are very pleased, of course, […]

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