Comfortable team cabins with Recaro seats by artec Sportgeräte

Special equipment ensures comfortable team cabins

Team and coaches cabins, also known as benches, are available in a wide variety of designs. Depending on the area of use, certain sizes, seating options, roofs and side panels are suitable. Our extensive standard range already covers a number of requirements. As a manufacturer, we have the ability and the desire to meet every additional customer need with special constructions. The wish to have more comfort in the cabin often arises in this context. That is understandable! With a match lasting at least 90 minutes, comfortable seating is a fundamental requirement to follow the match attentively. The artec® special equipment provides seats for very comfortable team cabins.

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Original Recaro seats – from the race track to the soccer field

While the brand Recaro have become famous with their seats in motorsports, they are now also very popular in other areas. In addition to being used in aircrafts and as chairs for gamers, the high-quality seats can often be found in soccer stadiums and on sports fields. This is mainly due to the high seating comfort of Recaro seats, resulting from their shape, padding and integrated seat heating.

Comfortable team cabins with heated seats

Ergonomic sitting during the soccer match has a positive effect on the substitutes in many ways. Muscular tension and the resulting headaches, as well as dysfunctional blood circulation and concentration problems, are reduced by the upright posture and the warmth of the heated seats. Especially when temperatures are low, the heated seats become an huge adavantage. For this reasen, we decided to offer the artec® team cabins with Recaro seats as an optional extra. In this way, our cabins not only ensure rain protection and seating, but they also increase the performance of the players.

Team cabin with 15 Recaro seats

Comfortable team cabins with 15 Recaro seats over a length of 11 metres

To protect the seats from the influences of the weather, they can be protected with appropriate covers. Of course, the seats are also available in other colours and with logo. Further equipment options, such as here the curved roof shape including padding, additionally increase the comfort of the team cabin.

Special equipment from artec®

In addition to the Recaro seats, there are further special equipment options to customise the cabins according to individual wishes. This is because, as a manufacturer, we produce comfortable team cabins to fit exactly according to the customer’s order.

Robust seat shells for team cabins from artec Sportgeräte

Sitting options – for that extra comfort

When it comes to sitting options, we offer the traditional bench made of special wood as the standard. Alternatively, the robust seat shells in many different colours have proven their worth. With seat shells in club colours e.g., the team cabin becomes an visual attraction on your sports field. Request your desired colour directly via our online shop.

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Storage space – for organisation and safety

Storage space in team cabins as special equipment

Often, team cabins offer little to no space for storing bags, jackets, shoes, etc. At artec®, we have therefore developed several options for equipping the cabin with additional storage space.

  • For hooking up jerseys and training jackets, clothing hooks can be welded to the sides of the cabin. The bar with several hooks offers space for a variety of clothing items, keeps the team cabin tidy and the seats free of clutter.
  • For larger items, such as bags and shoes, the storage area directly behind the bench is suitable.
  • The largest storage space is provided by the area under the sitting options. With the artec® special construction you have the possibility to store items in a closed and lockable box. This allows you to store e.g. valuables directly at the seat and thus protect them from theft. The storage space is equipped with a hinged lid that ensures easy opening and closing.

Roof padding – for protection against injuries

Team cabin with roof padding as head protection

The additional roof padding for team cabins acts a impact protection when cheering for a goal. This is because an unconscious jump of joy can quickly lead to a bump of the head against the roof edge of the the cabin. To reduce injuries in this area, we optionally equip the front edge of the roof with soft foam. This padding is an ideal place for a sponsor’s logo due to its prominent position on the sports ground. Feel free to contact us for an individual printing of the roof padding.

Labelling – for “home” and “guests”

To ensure that the allocation of the team cabins on the sports field is immediately visible, we offer labelling with “home” and “guests” as a further feature. Other lettering is also possible by arrangement.

Size and shape – for individual requirements

We are also versatile when it comes to the size of the cabins. Depending on the conditions on the sports ground or in the stadium, we produce team and coaches cabins in lenghts from 1.0 to 22.0 meters. In addition to the standard designs which you can find in our shop, other variations of the glazing elements are conceivable.

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