long jump facility with take-off board

Equipment of a long jump facility

What is needed for a sandpit?

When equipping a long jump facility, different products are required. Of course, these include the take-off boards for the athletes. Sand traps should also be installed around the jump pit to protect the running track from the sand carried out. The protection of the sandpit itself is also important – for example from weather conditions and small animals. For this purpose, we offer a range of different types of sandpit covers. In the following article we would like to inform you about the equipment of long jump facilities and about the technical details of the above mentioned products.

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Sand trap channels

In order to protect the running tracks from sand contamination, sand traps are installed around the long jump facility. These can be laid in one or two rows as required. The double-row installation of the sand traps reduces the degree of soiling of the surrounding area. As a standard, we offer sand traps made of plastic and polymer concrete. Both products have their advantages and disadvantages, so that in the end the customer decides which channel fits best to the long jump installation.

sand trap channels for long jump facility

sand traps for sandpit

  • Sand trap channel made of PP (polypropylene): The plastic channel is made of 100% recycled polypropylene. Due to the material properties it is extremely break-proof and at the same time has a high elasticity. The material also has the advantage of being UV-resistant, waterproof, frost-resistant and resistant to de-icing salt. A comfortable transport is also possible due to the relatively low weight. The sand trap comes in two different sizes:
    • 1000 x 500 x 163 mm
    • 500 x 500 x 163 mm

In order to install a long jump system, additional front wall elements are required with the following dimensions: 500 x 175 mm.

  • Sand trap channel made of polymer concrete: This channel is characterised by a high heat resistance of up to 100°C and a frost resistance of -50°C. Polymer concrete is also waterproof and has a very smooth surface. The weight of polymer concrete is of course higher than that of plastic, but it is lower than that of cement concrete. This makes transport and installation easier compared to cement concrete channels. The very high strength of the material is also the disadvantage: polymer concrete is relatively susceptible to impact. The standard polymer concrete channel used has the following dimensions: 1000 x 500 x 140 mm. For length compensation additional elements are offered with the following dimensions:
    • 670 x 500 x 140 mm
    • 1120 x 500 x 140 mm

Soft kerbstones

Soft kerbstones are required for the edging of the pit.  These are laid all the way around the pit. The soft kerbstones are made of fibre concrete or polymer concrete and are available in different designs:

  • 1000 x 60 x 200 mm
  • 1000 x 60 x 250 mm
  • 1000 x 60 x 300 mm
  • 1000 x 60 x 400 mm
  • 500 x 60 x 400 mm
  • angle piece 250/250 x 60 x 300 mm
  • angle piece 250/250 x 60 x 400 mm

Both soft kerbstones – made of fibre concrete as well as polymer concrete – have a rubber padding to reduce the risk of injury to the athletes. The soft kerbstones are also available in both white and black.

Take-off boards / Blanking boards

Especially during the competition, it is extremely important that the take-off board is of the highest quality and meets various requirements: The jumping conditions should remain the same for all athletes despite the high loads. Also, the quick and easy handling, i.e. the functionality of the board, guarantees an optimal execution of the competition.

The take-off board from artec® meets these requirements. Moreover, it is manufactured according to normative and technical framework conditions and is continuously technically developed within these standards. Our take-off board is still versatile, weatherproof as well as extraordinarily sure-footed for the athletes due to the special technical tensioning construction.

take-off board for long jump facility

foundation trough for take-off board

The board for the long jump facility can be characterised with regard to various parameters:

  • Size: Depending on whether the board is to be used for competition, training or school sports, different dimensions of the take-off board are required.
    • 122 x 34 x 10 cm
    • 122 x 30 x 10 cm
    • 122 x 20 x 10 cm
  • Material: Various materials can also be used to fabricate the board.
    • Aluminium / plastic
    • Wood
    • GFRP (glass fibre reinforced plastic)

In the course of the construction of the sandpit, the take-off boards must be installed in foundation troughs. Here artec® offers all possible designs, so that the different sized take-off boards can be embedded therein.

Cover for long jump facility

To protect a long jump facility, we recommend a sandpit cover. This can be applied when the pit is not in use and offers several advantages:

  • Protection against wind and weather / external weather influences
  • Prevention of contamination of any kind
  • Rodents cannot reach the long jump facility
  • Jumping pit is protected against vandalism

cover for long jump facility

cover for sandpit and long jump facility

There are different technical solutions that we can offer you to achieve this protection of the long jump pit. The covers differ significantly in whether they are made of grid fabric or special aluminium profiles:

  • Variant 1 includes a cover for the long jump facility made of mesh fabric. This is coated with PVC and is extremely tear-resistant, so that it can withstand being stepped on with spikes. We manufacture the cover exactly to measure, so that it is optimally adapted to your long jump facility. In addition, the cover has a circumferential and elastic rope, which reinforces the edge of the cover. At the corner points, the mesh is firmly anchored to ground sockets with the help of snap hooks. The ground sockets in turn are concreted into the ground, so that maximum stability can be guaranteed.
  • Variant 2 is also made of PVC-coated mesh fabric. It also has a circulating link chain. To cover the jumping pit, no further fixing measures are necessary.
  • Variant 3 contains inserted aluminium profiles which are firmly and securely fastened at the corner points to clamping ground sockets. If the cover is to be made according to German military standard, a link chain is additionally attached. This variant is again made of PVC-coated and tear-resistant mesh fabric.
  • Variant 4 is made of special aluminium profiles and is also tailored to fit your long jump facility. For the positioning of the cover in the long jump pit this version has support profiles. In order to pull the cover comfortably over the long jump system, grip openings are also provided on the end profile.
  • Variant 5 also consists of the aluminium special profiles already mentioned in variant 4. However, the aluminium profiles are manufactured with upstands and can therefore be coated with the desired track covering. This creates a uniform appearance of the entire sports facility.

Accessories for the long jump facility

When the long jump facility has been completed, accessories are also needed to ensure the regular operation. artec® Sportgeräte also has in its program the most important small parts that are needed for long jump. These include the following: Sand smoother, rake, broom, shovel as well as run-up marks and marking boards.

take-off board in front of sandpit

Complete athletics program

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From artec® Sportgeräte you get the complete athletics program. We do not only equip your long jump facility, but also offer many other products for the disciplines running, jumping and throwing. In addition, we have a large product portfolio for soccer and sports field requirements. If you have any further questions about our products, please feel free to contact us by phone at +49 (0)5422 / 9470-0 or send us an email to info@artec-sportgeraete.de. Perhaps the following blog articles can answer some of your questions: