ball stop net on sports ground

Ball stop net for sports facilities

Advantages of ball stop nets

The use of a ball stop net on sports facilities offers advantages for both players and spectators. Games can be continued even if the shot is missed. The balls do not have to be sought outside the field, but remain inside. This means that the game can be resumed without long delays.

At the same time, the ball stop net protects spectators who would otherwise be in danger of being hit by balls. Especially the hard pucks in hockey or golf balls can lead to more severe injuries. Ball stop nets are therefore not only suitable for large stadiums. They can also be used on conventional sports fields, football grounds or schoolyards.

The optimal ball stop for every sport

In football, ball stop nets are used both at amateur level and in professional leagues. Here, the nets all have similar characteristics: to prevent the ball from rebounding with the same force, the safety nets are relatively loosely tensioned. This reliably slows down the ball and it can be returned into the game immediately. This ensures that the game runs smoothly.

ball stop net for football

In football, generally a net with a mesh size of 120 mm is chosen. On the one hand, this ensures that the ball is caught and on the other hand, the spectators still have a good view of the playing field. Our nets are made of knotless and high-strength polypropylene. They are weatherproof and therefore suitable for outdoor use. The thickness of the material is chosen according to the respective requirements and usually a thickness of 3 mm or 4 mm is recommended.

A hockey field or a tennis court naturally requires a smaller mesh size due to the smaller ball size. In this case a mesh size of 45 mm is optimal. The mesh size of a ball stop net in golf is usually 20 mm.

ball stop net for driving range

Design of artec® ball stop systems

The ball stop systems from artec® include ball stop posts, the ball stop net and other parts for net attachment such as steel wire ropes, thimbles, turnbuckles as well as nylon rings.

The posts are available in various designs:

  • square profile 80 x 80 mm: 3 m and 4 m above ground level
  • oval profile 100 x 120 mm: 4 m to 6 m above ground level
  • oval profile 100 x 120 mm with a wall thickness increasing from 4 to 6 mm: 5 m to 8 m above ground level
  • sail mast profile 142 x 98 mm: 5 m to 8 m above ground level

The ball stop posts are mounted in appropriate ground sockets. This ensures a firm stand. Cross bars with a profile of 80 x 60 mm are used for additional stabilisation of the construction.

Depending on the intended use, ball stop nets can have different mesh sizes. artec® has the following designs in its product range:

  • 20 x 20 mm
  • 45 x 45 mm
  • 100 x 100 mm
  • 120 x 120 mm

The safety nets are available in all common colours and also bicoloured. In general, however, green or black ball nets are used.

Additional equipment

We can equip your ball stop system with a hoisting device. This allows the nets to be lifted and lowered easily. In the premium version, we also supply the ball stop nets with additional cantilevers and freely suspended nets, so that an extraordinarily even hanging of the nets is guaranteed.

ball stop net with hoisting device

The optimal ball stop net

The planning of ball stop systems poses various challenges: systems are required at different heights, in angled designs or with different post profiles. The mesh size of the safety nets also varies depending on the intended use. This means that the ball stop is almost always individually adapted and planned according to requirements and location.

If you are planning a ball stop system or would like to buy a ball stop net, please contact us. Our nets and ball stop systems can be made to fit individual specifications, so that you get the right product for your sports field.

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